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GPOY: things-that-are-currently-making-me-want-to-kill-myself-edition
The guide weighs as much as I do. Can I just die?

Your past life diagnosis:

I don’t know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern North of Latin America around the year 900. Your profession was that of a writer, dramatist or organiser of rituals.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life: Seeker of truth and wisdom. You could have seen your future lives. Others perceived you as an idealist illuminating path to future.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation: Your task is to learn, to love and to trust the universe. You are bound to think, study, reflect, and to develop inner wisdom.

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gpoy: “this ice cream is delicious” edition
Can I just dropout of school already? 
global personality test results.

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Happy To Write Mudblood on her Arms day~
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about you 
Your appreciation of beauty, ability to think abstractly, and innovativeness make you an artist.  
Never one to be tied to a particular way of doing things, you let your imagination guide you in discovering different possibilities.  
You would rather seek out new experiences than stick to your everyday habits, taking in as much of the world as possible.  
Your eye for beauty and your willingness to consider different perspectives make your creative efforts interesting—even though you may not realize this yourself.  
You prefer to think about things before voicing your opinion, considering a wide, diverse range of options.  
While there are forms and styles that you prefer, you tend to keep an open mind when it comes to your artistic preferences.  
You are curious about things, interested in the “why” more than the “how.”  
You have an active imagination that leads you express yourself in a distinct way.  
You’re not one to force your positions on a group, and you tend to be fair in evaluating different options.  
You tend to do things on the spur of the moment, not sticking to a set schedule.  
You have a strong sense of style and value your personal presentation - friends may even seek your style advice from time to time.  
Generally, you believe that you control your life, and that external forces only play a limited role in determining what happens to you. 
If you want to be different: 
Be more open to risks in your creative efforts, and don’t be quick to dismiss the praise of others.  
Think about how attention to detail may help you be more sure of yourself.
 how you relate to others:
Being social, empathic, and understanding makes you advocating.  
Some people find being around others exhausting—but not you! You are energized by spending time with friends, and you are good at meeting new people.  
One of the reasons you enjoy conversation as much as you do is that you often learn about yourself while talking things out with a friend; you realize things about your own beliefs while discussing them with others.  
You have insight into what others are thinking and feeling. This ability allows you to be happy for others, and to commiserate when something has gone wrong for them.  
You are highly compassionate, and being conscious of how things affect those close to you leaves you cautious about trusting others too hastily.
Despite these reservations, you are open-minded when it comes to your worldview; you don’t look to impose your ways on others.  
Your sensitivity towards others’ plights contributes to an understanding—both intellectual and emotional—of many different perspectives.  
As someone who understands the complexities of the world around you, you are reluctant to pass judgments. 
 If you want to be different: 
While it’s important to think about others, don’t forget to take some time for yourself, and occassionally to put yourself first.  
Take some time to spend with a few close friends; although it’s difficult to find people to trust, it’s worth the effort.  
When you have great ideas, it can be hard to relinquish control, but it can also feel good to take the pressure off and enjoy someone else leading the way.
gpoy: ‘i’m exhausted and counting down the days till the next holiday’ edition. 
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